Dynamic Paging

One of the unique advantages of ScoreMaestro™ is that it will automatically repaginate your digital music score to eliminate scrolling and to fill the screen with a maximum amount of music. When you display an unmarked music score, you can choose from two note sizes (medium and large) and can switch between portrait and landscape mode simply by moving the tablet. ScoreMaestro™ will instantly repaginate the score to accommodate your selections. You always see all of the music on each new page, and can quickly move backwards and forwards through the score by swiping the pages or using a foot pedal.

Quick & Easy Navigation

In ScoreMaestro™, you can turn pages with a foot pedal or by swiping. We also offer you three other quick and easy navigation features to move within your music score. You can page forwards and backwards using the paging arrows; you can jump to the page of your choice by using the Go-To button, and you can jump to your pre-set bookmarks by using the forward and backward bookmark buttons. The bookmark feature is particularly useful in enabling you to set and jump to bookmarks at the beginnings of repeat sections and codas in the music.

Instant Annotation

ScoreMaestro™ offers you interactive annotation that enables you to mark up a music score with your finger or a stylus and to save your score annotation under a unique name of your choice. You can do markups in three colors, can undo and redo your markups, and can erase them in any order. You can set and unset bookmarks and then use the bookmarks in a performance to jump to the appropriate measures when needed.

Full Annotation Management

You can save as many annotations as you want for each music score, each under a unique name. The ScoreMaestro™ Score Selection screen will list all your purchased music scores and annotations by name, and you can filter and sort your list. You can also back up your annotation inventory to the Cloud and share individual annotations with other ScoreMaestro™ users. To do this, you will need to create a Dropbox account at dropbox.com, if you don’t already have one, and then specify it before you back up and share your annotations.

Seamless Score Purchasing and Downloads

ScoreMaestro™ includes a music score shopping screen that lists the current score inventory available in your selected web store. You can directly purchase and download the music scores of your choice from this screen, using your pre-established purchasing account. ScoreMaestro™ instantly displays the downloaded scores on its Score Selection screen, from which you can then choose the score you wish to annotate and work with. As a bonus for using our app, your first music score selection is free!

Device Certification

In its first three releases, we have built ScoreMaestro™ to run on Android tablets. We plan to port ScoreMaestro™ to the iPad as well, in an upcoming release. ScoreMaestro™ will run on any Android tablet. Scores will look better on devices with higher resolutions.